At Puzzle Healthcare, we stand at the intersection of innovation and compassion, relentlessly working towards reimagining post-acute care.

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Our foundational principles are firmly rooted in delivering value-based care that’s not only accessible but also exceptional in its delivery. With a unique amalgamation of technology, expert care management, and unyielding commitment to patient-centric service, we’re not just healthcare providers; we’re architects of superior post-acute care experiences, where every interaction is crafted with precision and empathy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to navigate and redefine the post-acute care landscape with a dedication to seamless, value-driven, and patient-focused solutions.

Through proactive engagement, comprehensive care models, and fostering synergy across the healthcare spectrum, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding healthcare expectations, delivering optimal outcomes and unparalleled patient experiences consistently.

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Our Vision

To ascend as a beacon of excellence and innovation in post-acute care on a global scale. At Puzzle Healthcare, we envisage a future where healthcare transitions are effortlessly smooth, patient outcomes are consistently exceptional, and collaborative, value-based care is not the exception but the norm.

In our envisioned future, every patient experiences a dignified, empowered, and enriched quality of life, with reduced readmissions and a healthcare journey that’s as seamless as it is compassionate.

Our Values

Our comprehensive approach to post-acute care and readmission prevention integrates seamlessly with the practices of Hospitals, SNFs, and Payors alike.

With Puzzle Healthcare, experience a healthcare journey where each piece fits perfectly, enhancing the efficiency, quality, and value of the care provided to all. Join us as we revolutionize healthcare, one patient at a time.

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qoute Patient

After being discharged from the nursing home, having my care manager with me every step of the way gave me so much comfort. I knew exactly what I needed to do. It felt like I had a personal assistant to help with any issues getting what I needed.

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My patients are oftentimes provided very little information at the time of discharge. Providing education and information about their hospital and SNF stay, and pointed discharge instructions is key to helping them adhere to their treatment plan. Also, when I connect with all of the patient’s outpatient providers and give them insight into their patient’s recent experience, they are super appreciative, receive a much clearer picture, placing them in the best position to take care of their patient.

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It takes me quite a bit of time to review the packet that a hospital sends along with the admission details. The DC snapshot that Puzzle provides gives me a true picture as to what is going on with my patient in a clear and concise manner.

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Being able to focus on direct care to my patient is key in not only being efficient but improves the interaction I have with my patients. I love that I can leverage the care management team to take care of appointment scheduling, peer-to-peer scheduling, obtaining DME and everything else that they do. It is super helpful.